Air Conditioning Installation | San Antonio, TX. 

 Just like everything, e-commerce is taking the air conditioning business by storm. You, as the consumer, now have many new options which were never before possible.

But, finding a good licensed and knowledgeable HVAC local contractor willing to only to install ventilation equipment is near to impossible. You may find yourself asking, why is this? First off, to operate and stay in business most big HVAC companies need to include overhead, significant advertising, multiple service trucks, and on top of all that, the shareholder’s profit in their estimates. All this comes at a cost to the consumer; this is why you see air conditioning prices ranging from $7,500 – $17,000 for one single A/C system. And for many of these big corporations replacing complete air conditioners is the bread and butter. It’s no wonder consumers are now looking for new options.

Furthermore, this is why some contractors send a very skillful salesperson who most likely is on a commission to give you a free estimate or second opinion since this produces great margins for them. However, you can very well benefit from their well-trained salesman to provide you with a free estimate detailing everything you will need to buy your air conditioner online. How is that for real free advice when you don’t have to buy their product. That’s great right?

However, you can benefit from their well-trained salesman when providing you with a free estimate detailing everything you will need to buy your air conditioner online. How is that for real free advice when you don’t have to buy their product. That’s great right?

Buying your air conditioner.

Before buying the air conditioner, some research will be needed, as well as collecting air conditioning estimates. It is imperative that the contractor who provides these estimates is licensed. The estimates may be more or less the real price, but they will most likely be more.

Leading the way is the Next Service by creating an offer which is $2,855 to install a single residential system. With upfront pricing for anyone looking to get a qualified HVAC contractor to install their new air conditioning is possible. Yes, that’s right, we will install your new air conditioning system that you bought online from Google, Amazon or any retailer. How great is this right?

What’s included?

This offer is to install a single furnace and a single condensing unit in a preexisting residential application. Can’t combine it with any other services or offer. Offer is good for local San Antonio, TX customers. Additional charges for jobs out of town. Used equipment will not qualify for this offer.

Additional cost for modifications, permits, access, in the attic installations, old equipment removal, freon recovery, holidays installation and other materials.

The homeowner will supply the furnace, condenser, and material. Such units must meet local, state and federal codes.

Next Service as a well-established and licensed company, we guarantee you the best professional installation service. Also, we pull all necessary permits required to install such equipment to manufacture specifications and to meet local and federal codes. The machine’s warranty is the responsibility of the homeowner. Next Service guarantees the installation’s workmanship only for one full year from the installation date. There will be an extra charge for service calls, diagnostics, evaluations, maintenance, and repairs not caused by the installation’s quality.

The owner is responsible for scheduling a previous evaluation of their equipment needs by a licensed professional in the HVAC industry prior to the installation. We recommend that you get in touch with us the call us before buying your new equipment at (210) 558-8851 to set up an appointment and evaluate your home to install your new system. For an additional cost when we come to your home, we tailor your pick with the new A/C equipment that best meets your needs this is in case you don’t already have one of those free air conditioning installation estimates and know what you need.