When Do You Know You Need Heat Pump Repair San Antonio?

Heat pump repair in San Antonio should be easy to get. Here, we inform you on how to know when your heat pump requires repair.

It is very frustrating when the cold weather sets in only to find your heat pump is out of order. You can, however, prevent such scenarios by making sure that you have your heat pump checked up regularly. Even the best unit cannot be free from breakdowns and some issues from time to time. You can keep your heat pump in good order by having regular maintenance for furnace repair San Antonio.

Minor problems that may need heat pump repair San Antonio

Dirty Filters: A clean filter will allow air to flow through without restrictions. In case of a dirty, clogged filter, the equipment will have to work extra hard to meet the circulation requirements. If the equipment does the load or work becomes so immense, the fan controller could end up getting spoilt. You can prevent this by changing the filter once every month.

Regular Maintenance: Just like any other unit or equipment, having routine maintenance checks can help prevent breakdowns. This will significantly cut on the cost that you would have to pay in case of a breakdown. You should hire the services of professional heat pump repair San Antonio to ensure that the checks are thorough. This will enhance the efficiency of your heat pump.

Broken thermostat: You can easily tell when your thermostat is broken. The heat pump will keep cutting off frequently even when the temperatures are not maintained to the set levels. You can replace the thermostat yourself or look for a heat pump repair San Antonio for help. You can then take advantage and have your equipment checked in detail.

How do you know you need the services of heat pump repair San Antonio?

  1.  The first thing that can tell you if your heat pump unit is working properly is checking on the kind of sound it makes. By now, you realize that all heat pump units will make some humming sound. Should the sound start becoming louder with frequent moans, bangs and cluttering, then you need to get it checked by furnace repair San Antonio.
  2. The noise could be caused by loose belts or if the equipment has a larger load than it is meant to handle. Another way that you can tell that your unit is faulty is by keeping track of your unit bills. In case of clogged filters, the equipment will overwork and draw more current thus leading to an increase in power bills.
  3. If the air does not warm up as required, then there could be a problem. You can see the appearance of ice where it should not be seen. In case of these signs, you need to hire the services of heat pump repair San Antonio.