Phononic is a start-up company that is just trying to jiggle the refrigeration world with a semi-conductor cooling technology, it has risen around $44.5M just to help the firm broaden up into more cooling apps. This technology has altered the refrigerator compressors along with pumps that carry the refrigerant via the cooling system. With no added moving parts involved, the solid heat state pumps do not just use contaminated refrigerants the way the old refrigerants do. But the prime selling point the company did is the energy saving capacity of the technology when matched with the conventional refrigerant atorvastatin calcium.

A year after Phononic’s $21M series C comes the series D funding commitment, which was financed by the company to be able to penetrate the refrigeration industry. According to the company, the funding process can help in reaching some of the consumers in Asia. The company will not be able to come up with fridges; instead they will be able to team up with unrevealed fridge manufacturers. The market research has found out that the initial petition for the said technology was for home fridge, but he was able to recognize that during the time of the possibility for cooling data centres, among other requests.

Phononic is now making moves into the added cooling apps. The technology is now looking for its purposes in the fiber optics, telcos along with data server infrastructure cooling as well. The apps conform to the company’s. These apps adhere to the company’s search of laboratory refrigeration. Just in September, the company has explained their newest line of laboratories for refrigerators, medical amenities and research centres as well. They have announced too that the Rex Healthcare is also a part of the UNC health care system.

This is based in NC and it will serve as a test site for the newest line of fridges for Phononic. This is a hospital that will conduct the tests in its very own labs and blood unit facilities. The hospital admins said that this technology can actually cool some lab samples while lessening the possibility of risks obtainable by a traditional fridge. This was announced to the public during the partnership launch. Phononic has incredibly progress in 2014. The current financing round will provide them with the capacity to provide and level up their product solutions for the benefit of their clients and associates.

Phononic was launched to the public in 2009 and they only had $2M then coming from their partners. That same year, they got $3M grant coming from the Energy Department in the US, which finances the troublesome energy technologies. Their partners were able to join the series B round in 2011 amounting to $10M. The technology Phononic is currently using is established in the thermoelectric generators. It has roots in semi-conductor and thermoelectric research coming from universities like Oklahoma, California and Santa Cruz. Phononic is still expanding its technology to beat its competitors in thermoelectric generators, converter heat devices and others.