1606, 2015

Understanding SEER Rating and Ways to Find an Efficient and Dependable HVAC System

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If you will shop around for a new air conditioning unit, you will surely look forward to lowering down your electric bills without lessening the comfort levels at home. You will make sure that the new air con is environment friendly. Normally, there is quicker and simpler way to compare the characteristics from one model […]

1902, 2015

Phononic’s Solid State Thermal Cooling Technology Raises the $44.5M for Refrigeration Tech

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Phononic is a start-up company that is just trying to jiggle the refrigeration world with a semi-conductor cooling technology, it has risen around $44.5M just to help the firm broaden up into more cooling apps. This technology has altered the refrigerator compressors along with pumps that carry the refrigerant via the cooling system. With no […]