Diagnose my refrigerator and it was very helpful and answer all the question I had and my concerns.

They called me the next day to make an appointment came in on time and the tech was very friendly and knowledgable

Javier I.R, CONVERSE, TX 78109
Repaired a dishwasher leak.
I wanted service as soon as possible because my dishwasher was leaking and Next Service sent someone out fairly soon. It was determined that I needed a water valve that they had to order. As soon as the part was in, Next Service was there to install it. Problem solved!
They did a full HVAC system replacement.
The company was very thorough about explaining what needed to be done. Gave us the time frame and when it could be done and how long the system would take to install. We gave the go ahead. On the day of installation, they were right on time and started dismantling the system. They had everything installed by the evening and even stayed late to have it up and running. The house stayed fairly cool, and we set up some fans. They gave up info to set the temp on the old system to lower to cool the house off more, so it took a bit for it to start heating up. We were very grateful for all the info. They came by the next day to double check everything and then called about a week later. They followed up with the rebate with the city, so we were able to get a break on our energy bill. It was a great experience.
I purchased a deal from this company for: $45 for an HVAC tune-up.
That service turned out fine. One technician came out and it took him about an hour to an hour and a half. He was professional and he did his job. I was very happy with them so I then signed up with them to do a bi-annual maintenance check up.
Mark S., San Antonio, TX 78229
They did an AC repair for me first and then I asked if they could do a refrigerator repair. They are able to make an appointment for me that day. Those services turned out great and they are easy to work with.
Melody C., San Antonio, TX 78254
They repaired a refrigerator leak some months ago.
That service turned out fine. One technician came out and it did not take him very long. He did have to come back to fix the situation the next day.
Alice K., KIRBY, TX 78219
Description Of Work: Fast and responsive AC repair!!!!
Melissa E, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78248