If you will shop around for a new air conditioning unit, you will surely look forward to lowering down your electric bills without lessening the comfort levels at home. You will make sure that the new air con is environment friendly. Normally, there is quicker and simpler way to compare the characteristics from one model to another. You must have been asking yourself what’s your involvement to SEER and why you should mind. Well, this article will help you understand your involvement to SEER and how it can affect your daily life.

SEER or seasonal energy efficiency ratio is well defined by the Air conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute as well. It is a rating of the unit meant for cooling during the usual cooling season and it is typically divided by the sum of the electric energy input during the same period of time. The higher the unit’s SEER rating is, the more energy efficient it is. It is about the energy efficient ration by the season and how much cooling power you can get from it from the whole season. Its value for new air conditioning units may range for around thirteen for low end and 23 for high end, which represents more efficient units.

You can think of SEER score as the corresponding scores of the car’s MPG rating. Just with the cars, if you got an air conditioning unit for over a couple of years, it is quite certain that fewer efficient than the lowest scoring units on the market these days. The SEER score for the 10 year old air conditioner may be for as low as 8 or around 10 view website. To add up to that, being friendlier the units with the highest SEER scores will also release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, so you can stay up comfortably without even worrying about the carbon footprint.

Both the government agencies along with some power companies want to use efficient systems, since it aids in the reduction power consumption during the seasons whenever everyone on the block is winding the heat or air conditioning at its highest level. This imposes an important amount of power and energy as well, the ones they would like to promote for the use of high efficiency systems to help in taking some of the burden of the power companies and the environment as well. They offer motivations is one of their best ways to provide the consumer a reason to spend huge amount of money to come up with a hope that the difference will come back overtime.

One way to figure out if it is worthwhile to buy a higher efficiency system is to compute the payback and how long it may take you that depend on the primary cost of the system, the cost of the electric bill and the sum of the incentive that you will get. Before you go and buy, it is essential to weigh the probabilities and make sure you use your resources well and not neglect to ask queries if you have one.